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SATC Levels of Patron Support

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Sewickley area theatre company needs your support!
We are a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization, which means your donations are tax deductible!

Most people are unaware of the staggering costs associated with mounting a musical production.  Securing the rights/royalties from licensing companies and renting theatre space to perform the productions alone can cost upwards of $10,000.  In order for SATC to produce quality entertainment, financial support from our community is essential.  Your donation, regardless of the amount, is instrumental in the success of this company.  In exchange for your contribution, your name will be listed on our website and in the programs for our shows (unless you wish to remain anonymous--if so, be sure to indicate this when making your donation).  Please see our levels of support below.  Thank you for your support!  

Please mail checks made payable to Sewickley Area Theatre Company to:

Sewickley Area Theatre Company

PO Box 269

Sewickley, PA 15143-0269

Or donate online using our secure                 account:  

​Gold level:  $1,000 +

(Receives 2 complimentary season tickets for life)

Silver level:  $250-$999

Bronze level:  $1-$249

Gold Level

Silver Level

Matt & Beth Carroll

Village Green Partners

Claire A. Conaway & Matthew Zack

Anthony & Joyce Scalercio

Sewickley Valley Chamber of Commerce

Val & Mary Kay Dschuhan

Tom & Toby Graham

Bronze Level

​Sev & Sharon Russo

​John & Liz Yankello

Bruce & Susan Rees​

Jerry & Rosanna Marek

Fred & Marylou Yagulli​

Erin Palladini

Thomas Ford

​Lawrence & Maryann Miorelli

​Carleen Vilella

Auto Paint & Equipment, Inc.

​DeeAnne Seeger

​Liseo & Tina Sauro

John Tucci

​George & Paula Way

​Alia Maha & Family

​Lynne Amato

​Steven Doerfler

​Lisa Reid

Susan Kaminski

Shirley Benedict

​Joe & Lori Perkins

​Jim & Karen Miorelli

​Mary Lynn Pleczkowski

​Elizabeth Blair

Robert Fusco

Lynn Amato

Donna Amato

Judy Spanos

Chris & Jean O'Donnell

Brian McMahon
Leo & Mary Scalercio

Larry & Sharron Schaefer

Henry & Donna Ford

Shirley S. Stevens

Eugene & Jennifer Giotto

Richard & Dianne Meister

Miranda Ifedigbo

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