What are the organization's objectives?

1. To produce affordable, high-quality theatre productions for the enjoyment of the community.
2. To promote local artists and employ them in our productions, whether on stage or utilizing their talents in one of the various other production aspects
(e.g. sets, costumes, lighting, sound).
3. To foster the community's appreciation of the arts and to honor this area’s cultural roots.
4. To provide educational workshops for youth and adults.
​5. To give back to our community and give to local charities, once financially stable.

How many theatre productions do you perform per year?

Our seasons include 2 full-length musicals, typically one show in the summer and one in the fall.  There will also be periodic plays, cabarets/revues, and special events announced throughout the year.

Where will the productions be performed?

Our performances will be held at venues throughout the community.  We are currently in talks with various prominent theatre administrators in the Sewickley area.

Is SATC a Nonprofit Organization?

Yes.  SATC is a 501(c) 3 Nonprofit Organization, which allows contributions to be written-off on donor's tax returns.

How is SATC different from Village Theater Company, which was recently established in Sewickley?

SATC is dedicated to the performance of LIVE theatre (e.g. musicals and plays); whereas, Village Theater Company is dedicated to building and maintaining a movie theater playing classic films.

Is there any affiliation between SATC and Village Theater Company?

​No.  Although both organizations are interested in the promotion/enjoyment of the arts in our community, we are accomplishing this interest in two completely different capacities.  We support Village Theater Company in their efforts and hope that our performances can benefit them, as an organization.

How do I become involved with SATC?

This question depends on the capacity in which you wish to become involved.  If you are interested in performing in our shows, please visit our site periodically for updates about upcoming auditions.  If you are interested in assisting with any aspects of production, making a donation, and/or wish to become involved in another capacity, please do so using this site or contact us at info@sewickleymusicals.org.  

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This page is inspired by many of the questions that we have received while establishing this company.  If you have a question of your own, please use the contact feature on this site or e-mail info@sewickleymusicals.org!

Frequently Asked Questions